Commitment to Culture in Málaga

What is Fundación Málaga

Fundación Málaga

Fundación Málaga is a non-profit and a privately funded organization which was created in order to develop different cultural, social and environmental activities, but also those involving heritage and research, all of them carried out in this province.


Fundación Málaga was founded the 30th of September 2002. The cultural department of the Andalusian Board (Junta de Andalucía) declared it of general interest the 25th of November of that same year.

Fundación Málaga

Fundación Málaga, proving its merits, was chosen member of the Board of Directors during the annual assembly of the Andalusian foundations, the 2nd of June 2004.

Only five years after its creation, Fundación Málaga received a medal of honor, which demonstrates the initiatives it accomplished involving Malaga's cultural life.

Fundación Málaga counts, right from the beginning, with a great number of leader companies, at the aim of bringing cultural events to all the inhabitants of Malaga.

Fundación Málaga also received the honorary mention and public recognition for its contribution of the society development in Malaga during the act of the 23rd anniversary of the Spanish Constitution


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